This trick lowers the player's weapon if done correctly.

This does not work on Xbox Live according to the possibility of exploits.

Press and hold the following buttons:

1. LB

2. RB

3. A

4. Left Jumpstick (crouch)

5. D-pad (down)

After holding this combination for 3 seconds, the player will find that their weapon has disappeared of their screen.

These weapons are not affected: Energy Sword, Gravity Hammer, Brute Shot, Sentinel Beam, Machine Gun Turret, Plasma Cannon, and Flamethrower. These weapons look a little weird: Rocket Launcher, Fuel Rod Gun, and duel-wielded weapons.

Shooting, throwing grenades, meleeing, reloading, picking up support weapons, going into Monitor Mode on Forge, entering vehicles, or dying will end this trick.